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Abuse survivor and off-the-grid assassin, Derrick Mitchell, Call Sign: Raven, employs questionable and even deadly methods to rescue children from abusive parents. When 6-year-old Joshua Kendall, a victim of a hideous government experiment, calls on him for protection, Derrick finds himself at war not only with US government agents, but also with ruthless mercenaries, an advanced AI, and deadly genetic creations. But when Derrick wonders why all these forces are attempting to capture or kill the boy, the startling answer makes him question whether the boy really should be saved.

Forty-four years in the future all life in every timeline suddenly dies as a dense matter infection consumes every Earth from the inside out. A team of assassins with future tech journeys back to the present day to assassinate the 6-year-old genius boy, Joshua Kendall, whom they believe caused the future disaster. But first they must kill every Derrick Mitchell, Call Sign: Raven, in every timeline that the boy might turn to for protection. Except they missed one. Raven goes on a killing rampage across multiple timelines with one mission…protect the child…until he discovers that Joshua might really be the cause of the end of everything.

What if eons ago there was a scourge in the universe, an alien race so hideous and so deadly they were imprisoned far below the surface of a back-water planet early in its formation with absolutely no life, called Earth. And what if our modern-day fracking for oil sets them free. They are impervious to all known weapons, and their touch is 100% fatal to all organic lifeforms and humans…except the Queen. Not even Raven has the skills to protect the Queen from assassins and genetically engineered creatures intent on killing his charge, but he has to try. Because every Earth in every timeline has only three weeks to total annihilation if he fails.

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A high-profile girl has been kidnapped and all evidence points to a man who claims he doesn't even know who she is. Government agents arrest Carl Johnson, torture him, and take everything from him. They labeled him the American Terrorist. But they let him escape and now he has declared war on the US government, determined to do to them what they did to him. Then he discovers the identity of the girl and realizes he is the only person on the planet who can save her, but it means working with the very government agents who ruined his life. Now, with high-tech agents and drug cartel hitmen on his trail, he has but one chance to survive the manhunt.


The people’s anti-hero, Carl Johnson, found the girl before the government agents found him. But she’s still in danger because she is a pawn in a madman’s bid to reshape global politics. To save the girl Carl Johnson must hold for ransom the ultimate weapon, a deadly contagion that could decimate the planet’s entire population. But his Adversary has the full might of the US government and the entire international intelligence community at his disposal, and Carl’s small team of mercenaries is being whittled down to nothing. Innocent people are dying, and the next Adversary’s target is the first woman president of the US. The clock is ticking and Carl only has four days to save the girl…again…and save the president…and prevent the release of the most deadly contagion ever engineered. But he’s going to have to decide who lives and who dies.

After dispatching the last member of the evil Triad, Carl Johnson thought he was done with being the American Terrorist. He thought he was finally ready to put all the violence behind him. Then people around him started dying, and he realized the violence wasn’t done with him. The Triad had been a mere pawn of an even more sinister shadow organization hell-bent on killing the first female American president with a technological weapon capable of controlling the aggressive behavior of…everyone! To survive and prevent an assassination that could change the world forever, Carl has only one recourse against an insurmountable enemy…


Jason Peares... Acclaimed Historical Westerns

In 1875, outlaw gunfighter Jason Peares falls in love with Renée-Simone Fouché, the beautiful and seductive French woman, while on the run from deadly manhunters, professional cowboy detectives of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Eventually, he discovers she’s part of an intricately woven plot to capture him and she alone holds a dangerous secret—proof that can either free him from outlaw life or get him killed.

Heart-broken and betrayed, Jason evades Renée and her Pinkerton detectives and escapes into the rugged terrain of northern Arizona. But when he learns that roving slave traders have kidnapped Renée and dozens of other frontier folks, Jason must find a way to deal with the pain of betrayal and face the ultimate sacrifice. He must use the same deadly skills to save her that got him crossed with the law. But saving her from certain death means sacrificing his own freedom and facing a hangman’s noose.

Jason Peares, known only as Jay, had cleared his name of murder charges in a court of law, but he still led the life of a man on the run, always looking over his shoulder for some bounty hunter with an old dodger, a troublemaker looking for a fight, or a gunslinger trying to build a reputation. Trusting no one had become a way of life. After finishing a cattle drive, Jay reluctantly accepted a job as peacekeeper in Bronco, Texas. Mr. Pritchett wanted some squatters cleared off land he needed. But as Jay got to know the squatters, especially Marabelle Hopkins, he started to see that while Pritchett talked about peace, he was secretly waging a brutal and deadly war against the homesteaders. Jay had considered hanging up his guns and settling down to a peaceful “normal” life, but now he found that two men stood in his way – a ruthless land and cattle baron and a deadly gunfighter named Slade whom Jay had once called a friend. This is an action-packed Old West story about the valiant struggle of the downtrodden and what can happen when people are willing to reach out to one another.

In 1880 New Mexico, Jason Peares, ex-outlaw gunfighter, hires on as a scout for the Buffalo Soldiers, the black soldiers of the Ninth Cavalry, and becomes part of an effort to locate an important leader of the Apache Nation, known only as Juh (pronounced “Hoe“). Jason begins to forge new friendships with several of the black “Buffalo Soldiers,” but he is unaware of a conspiracy meant to sabotage a new peace treaty that would end the Indian wars of New Mexico forever. In an attempt to stop a massacre, Jason soon becomes involved in a three-sided war that pits him against deadly Apache warriors, ruthless Army renegade mercenaries, and the Buffalo Soldiers. In this heavily researched historical western, you’ll get a realistic feel for the social structure and family life on the run of the Apache people. See how Army life really was for the Ninth Cavalry’s black soldiers on the New Mexico frontier during one of the hottest summers on record. See all sides of the military conflict – and the effects of political and economic policies of the era – through the eyes of Jason Peares, an ex-outlaw, a half-black half-white gunfighter who roamed the southwest searching for his place in the diminishing frontier.

In 1882 three dangerous men declare war – the most accomplished manhunter in the history of the west, a vicious killer terrorizing the southwest, and Jason Peares, the ultimate gunfighter. Ten years ago as an outlaw gunfighter, Jason Peares killed Marshal Gallagher’s son and the lawman swore to avenge his son’s death. Now a settled farmer and family man, Jason accidentally crosses Gallagher’s path again in an explosion of violence and death, bringing anguish to Jason’s new family. Remembering the marshal’s decade-old promise to shoot him on sight with no questions, Jason leaves his new family and rides the trail to kill the man he believes has been hunting him for ten years. A long and deadly chase ensues, a battle of wits where the advantage repeatedly reverses and the hunter becomes the hunted. But the real reason Marshal Gallagher led his posse into Jason’s town was to track down the Strange Scalpers, a band of murderous outlaws who killed Gallagher’s wife in a botched bank robbery. Ultimately, Jason Peares and Marshal Gallagher must do the impossible – set aside their years-old hatred and join forces to prevent the Strange Scalpers from killing other innocent people. If they don’t, neither will live long enough to settle their old score.

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